What should I do if . . .

I don't have a site for DLs for testing?

If you want to have people test your plugin or game and you don't have a place where they can download it, I suggest the following:

If the compressed file is small enough, you can email it to your testers.

If email won't work, first line up your testers (this may take a week or so after you announce it) and then request (with email or PM to a moderator) that a Beta Version be placed on the Addons Page. This file should be clearly marked "Beta Test" in the description box.

The moderator will then notify you that the upload was successful. You must immediately notify your testers that the testing has started. They will have about 24 hours in which to download it before the file is removed from the Addons page.

Do not announce the upload on the forums because you should not have people who are not your chosen testers downloading the unfinished work.

I think this system will work. I'm open to your comments. ~RD

This only works if your file is smaller than 15 MB. "Instant Message" programs such as AIM, MSN, etc. often have a file transfer feature, and that works fine (at least for me). Unless you have limited bandwidth (or your game/plugin is massive), of course. I'd guess this would only be a problem if you made a game, not a plugin, since plugins are usually light.

Another method would be to use a file transfer server such as YouSendIt which provide temporary download solutions. Either that or obtain webspace online, I suppose.


Such an excellent site. Thanks, I'm adding it to my bookmarks. ๐Ÿ™‚

GMail + Segmented Compression. You can send up to 2.3 GB of files that way (in 10 MB chunks ๐Ÿ˜› ). If anyone wants GMail, feel free to ask (I have 50 invites, of course).

Hm. Well, I've just had a thought. See, I've got nearly 3GB of space left on my server, which also gives me 50GB of bandwidth a month (I'm lucky if I pull 100MB down, as I use it primarily for email) so if people wish, I can set up an ftp directory where people can log on, upload their files and then send http links to them to their beta crews, or to the general public. Just an easy solution - say in the directory cs_testing or something similar, and I'd make a sticky in the forum here leaving the username and password there for public use.

Of course, if the system was abused, or if people starting dumping lots of 50MB files there, I might get mildly irritated - but if peoplle think that they need space for a plugin for testing (and if they can remember to clean up after themselves, by deleting their older versions etc) then I can put it together.



Sounds good. If we have anyone good with PHP around, we could set up a PHP upload and file management system. It could monitor files and delete them every 10 days or so and it could make sure that each "project" only had one file uploaded (i.e. not all 10 versions). But with or without PHP, it would work. Thank you for making this offer, by the way.

I think Pilky knows PHP. I'm not sure if he's still visiting this forum, though...

A good idea.

Thank you, Tarnฤ‡lion Andiyarus, for your very generous offer. (See pinned topic above.) For those of you who take advantage of this, PLEASE abide by his rules which are extremely fair and should not cause anyone any problems. Remember, it's up to the submitting member to "clean house" when the testing is done.

Not a problem, RD. As long as everyone plays nice, it should be useful. Activity isn't too high right now, but hopefully this will help out a few people in their testing cycles for their plugins and perhaps their games. ๐Ÿ™‚