News ? ANY News ?

Hi folks,

It has been almost two years since my last post, which was about the time when ColdStone broke apart ( Panther was born ).

Since then, I've had REALBasic 4.5, REALBasic 5.0, REALBasic 5.5 and now REALBasic 2005 ( 6.0 ).

Since REAL Software manages to bring out several upgrades to the development environment that ColdStone is ( at least partly ) written in, one wonders why it takes such a tremendous effort just to fix compatibility issues between ColdStone and the newer versions of RB and OS X 😮 :huh:

Since I had only a very short time with ColdStone ( albeit an enjoyable one ), I have been waiting for an update to come, and by now feel cheated - abused.

For a short period of time there seemed to be some light when a person working on the project posted in these forums, but lately there has been not even a whimper. No news, no rumours, no writing on the wall..

Is ColdStone doomed to live as a legacy to pre-Panther users, or will it be resurrected ? Has AmbrosiaSW a standing on the case ?

With a touch of grief,

Word on the street is that it's being worked on. Maybe a mod can give a better answer, but that's all I know.

Hi guys,

Well, there hasn't been any official word from ASW for a while now as to the status of the update. Hopefully something will crop up shortly, now that Dominic's latest update to WireTap Pro has been released.