For stamp control... I don't understand it worth crap... I am saying this because to make the object move in my other topic I must make stamps of it sliding to the right direction. How exactly would I make this happen? Yes, I do get annoying sometimes, lol.

A stamp can be a single picture (tree, house, stump, etc.) or an animation (smoke coming from chimneys, turning windmill blades, birds flying, fish jumping, etc.) To make your object slide, you need to make an animation with a number of the object pictures set up so that each frame of the animation takes the object a short distance closer to the target spot. Then you select the animation as the "picture" for the stamp.

The stamp gets placed on the map with the top left corner of the stamp at the co-ordinates (in pixels) which you designate in Stamp Control. If you want the object to remain on the map after the slide, you either just end the animation when the object gets there, or you place the object on the map as an item at the end of the slide. This would allow the player to pick up the object after the slide. The item gets placed on the map with tile co-ordinates, so you need to do a little math to make it work right.

To keep the stamp from showing the object when you replace it with an item object, make the last frame of the animation a completely white square which renders the animated stamp invisible at the end of the slide. You have to orchestrate the whole sequence. There is no way I see to use animated stamps to make the object slide to a tile which the player randomly selects.

At the last frame of the animation, call an event. The event would include stamp control to delete the animation from the map and to place an item where you want the item to be. To delete a stamp from a map, you would need to place it there any other way via stamp control besides directly onto the map in the map window. This way, you name the stamp and consequently can delete the stamp.

In the animation window, you can, of course, "move" the object the number of pixels you want and in the direction you want.

ah. that really helps, thanks guys :).