I'm Back

Sorry about that break I had to take. What's really wierd is that I could only edit posts from school computers, not make them. Gawd I hate foolproof...

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Welcome back. Its about time! Things have gotten rather dull around here recently, but now you're here so no worries right? Right?


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Welcome "back".

Hehe. I hope you don't mind, but the RPG is not as much under your control as the last one.
It's really better this way, I think.

Speaking of the RPG, is that ship the StarLance? If it is, I've been thinking it over, and while the StarLance is invincible in a conventional battle using normal weapons, it would be possible for many parties (even a lowly mercenary taskforce) to defeat it using unconventional methods.

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Depends on what these unconventional methods are. If you built an exact replica of it, except with antimatter, they'd both destroy each other upon contact. 😉

Welcome back, Slug. It's been somewhat dull with you gone.

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It has..? I didn't notice 🙂

Welcome back. If you don't mind, could you run by my building ship theory in Ask Slug? I've been to lazy to actually try it.

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Me neither, though, I don't visit these boards that much, and so wouldn't have noticed that Slug was gone. Oh well, welcome back!

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It's been pretty quiet without you around.

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I see no other way of saying this, so I'm hoping someone will notice.

I will be gone from the boards for up to a year, read "help! help!" for the why. I can read mail from school though, so you can send comments to mailto:douglas.black@usa.net

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Well, a lowly mercenary group would have trouble building an antimatter version.
This is one of those things where you slap yourself and say "I should have thought of that!"

I'll give you a hint: 2 out of 4 is just enough.

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Darkk, it is not the StarLance. I prefer not to drag that out again, unless...

Never put all your ranking officers in a shuttle.

I'm not sure whether to say "darn" or "whew". Therefore, I'll say "oh?"

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Hmmm... an interesting proposition...

Welcome back to the Ares Webboards!

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Yes, welcome back Slug.

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Hehe, my planetarion account has 2* the score of yours now... and that's including the 5k ships I lost a week ago.

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