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I have an idea for a game(made with coldstone of course) where you are a will be guarding a princess, and you will have to gain other monsters as allies, and kill any valient knights who come...I need a good name for it as my other name was "Dragon Quest" but aparently the name is already taken, so i need a good whatever u want...even if it isnt on topic...if i use ur name i may give you credit( or maybe not, depends if i am in a good mood)

Thanks in advance

P.S. the title should say brainstorm..i didnt notice this till after i made the board...and dont think i can chance the board name...
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If the game is set in won building, you could call it Temple of the Dragon, or Wyvern Fortress. My game, Not Another Frogger Clone, is a parody of Not Another Teen Movie; you could create something like Crouching Knight (Hero, Warrior), Killing (Barbecuing, Fiery, etc.) Dragon.

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a dragons tale - kinda spun off from "a knights tale" i guess or maybe make it "a dragons tail" playing with the word tale/tail


l.o.a.d or load - life of a dragon - acronyms are always interesting.

eat princess - almost has that backward japanese translation feel to it and sounds pretty interesting.

roast em toast em! like pyro that little dragon on the psx, your little dragon running around roasting people. spinoff of rock em sock em robots.

dragonia - dooooood..... im just making **** up now.

you heat em, ill eat em.

crispy princess - in the end you eat/kill all the knights and you get the ultimate dragon reward having defended the captured princess and defeated all attempts to save her you are now ready to join the very small club of princess eaters. like your dream as a small dragon was to always be a princess chomper. all your heroes were that etc.

that could be a idea for your game maybe, like not only do you work on getting a bigger more desireable whorde treasure but maybe you can be given the option to kidnap different people ranking from low to high value which in turns builds your reputation which in turn maybe gives you some sort of modifier side quests.

yah...... im off to bed.

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oh wait i almost forgot, any name you choose always check that it hasnt been taken on multiple search engines.
always at least check and look for the name of the game 1st. say it was dragonquest. look for dragon quest then maybe if its found look for things like dragonquest game to see if its found with the word game etc. id also check and maybe a few lessers like and

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Here's a different twist: the princess likes the dragon, and isn't fond of those obnoxious knights, who are looking forward to ravishing the princess once they rescue her....

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"""Here's a different twist: the princess likes the dragon, and isn't fond of those obnoxious knights, who are looking forward to ravishing the princess once they rescue her.... """

SHREK. cept with a ogre and the donkey dragon in the end. ogre n princess, prince wants her back for his own mischievous reasons. ogre turns out good. i think bodadem wants to explore the bad guys life for a change although it would be very interesting if she wanted to get away and rode him places and maybe they could even be a team. not a bad idear sir axe!

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Originally posted by DJ:
not a bad idear sir axe!

Sorry DJ, that's "Princess Axe" 🙂

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eeewwwww............... i feel so used........

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