YO.....about my DragonQuest game...I could really use some good roacks for caves and stuff....ill get some screenshots of what i have sofar...and cove terrain would definitly come in handy...and u will be credited GREATly.....By The Way, do you have MSN messenger? cause if u do add bodadem@hotmail.com ... Thanx


i think i could make some roaks. ive never made roaks before but they sound intriuging. dont got msn just aim or you can email me by clicking on the email sign on any of me posts. ahoy me matees ahoy, yo ho ho ive come down with pirate fever!

Morvera ner Morden

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To DJ:
Thanks for all the tutorials man, I mean it.
here's one to help you with your roak creation. My roak is blue marble, but yours can be any color you choose. I also added some other items that may interest you.

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Alright, e-mail addresses has been exchanged. Since this is better off in private e-mail, and since you can contact each other now, there is no further purpose to this thread.


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