need music for your fantasy rpg?

Hey all, looking for a "large project" - dedicated rpg team who needs a music composer. I wasn't sure if coldstone supports importing mp3s or oggs... anyway, let me know if you need to fill a music position for your project! You can audition my music at (url="http://"") Specifically, the "Castle Lore" album set.

So if you're looking let me know. I need a dedicated, mature team who's active, and won't disband in a week. I'm looking for game soundtrack exposure.

Thanks much,


MP3s are supported without issue.


... That staples it.

Very nice. What I downloaded seemed a little mellow for something called 'Battle Victorious'.
I am impressed, though. keeps mr. keys in mind for audio work

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well i already found some music for the 1st game but if all goes well the 2nd could use some "medieval" music. u r bookmarked.
so far your music seems geared to slower parts in games or subtly nice town music.
Morvera ner Morden

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Thanks guys, appreciate it. Let me know if and when...

-SK (url="http://"")


Hmm... downloaded a couple pieces. Very nice. 🙂
That sorta music sounds perfect for backround music- it really would blend amazingly with the atmosphere of some scenes. It isn't outspoken, but not really timid either. I have to agree with Bryce though when he says that "Battle Victorious" is pretty tranquil. Nice music, though. Like I said, it would work wonderful as a backround piece.

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