Flak Drone problems

Well, I did it! borrowed a MacAddict CD and installed Ares.

I got to chapter 5 in about 15-20 min, but am having insane problems with that @&*#@ flak drone about half-way to the Beta planet.

Is there any reasonably easy (at least easier than I tried) way to get rid of that Gaitori Heavy Destroyer? (besides one-on-one combat)

You see, I tried the following:

1: send my fleet against the Destroyer while I and a few others took on the invasion fleet -

2: took on the Gaitori Hvy. Detroyer myself while the fleet faced the invasion force.

Either way I had problems. Mostly because my ships were outclassed AND outnembered. (I know that this is the point of the game!)

About the only success I've had is keeping and holding the center Flak Drone. (The computer INSISTS on sending engineering drones one at a time, while I send 3-4 to take it. That way I have a spare in case the Gaitori recapture it.)

Of course, the second Flak Drone (orbiting the planet Beta) is worse. There are usually a few ships guarding it, so my engineering drones need the help. And while I'm subjugating this section, the Gaitori ships retake the center flak drone and attack my planet.

And that Heavy Destroyer keeps beating the tobacco juice (read: S---) out of me.

<sigh> Maybe I should stick to EV/O... (Alright, don't stone me YET)

Viva El Guapo

PS: click-drag selecting a group of ships would be a lot better - or maybe designating a group of ships as a squadron!


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Here's how to beat chpt 5.
1. capture the flak drone using the two enginering pods
2. build 5-6 crusiers and keep them at your planet
3. build 2-3 crusiers and keep them at your flak drone.
4. build about 10 engineering pods and when they are all at your flak drone, send them ALL to the Gaitori-owned flak drone.
5. when the Gaitori-owned flak drone is captured, send all of your crusiers to guard it.
6. build a transport and send it to the enemy planet.

If you are lucky, the Heavy Destroyer will get into a fight with the flak drone which will kill it.

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Um, your ships are NOT outclassed. Ishiman can beat the tar out of Gaitori. I don't like set strategies. The only thing I'll tell you is:

Be creative. Try new tactics. Don't stick to any set of rules and strategies.

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He IS outclassed. The Gaitori have a HVD and Gunships, he has cruisers and fighters.

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As Mag said, the Ishiman beat the tar out of the Gaitori in virtually every possible scenario, especially when the Gaitori are computer controlled. And enough with the insults sumo.

I have a plan so ingenius even an idiot could have devised it. On my command, we will line up our ships and fly straight into the enemy death-cannons clogging them with wreckage.

OK, I'll try that, Patrick!

Don't worry, Mag - I am ElGuapo7 - master pilot and tactician. I just have the occasional problem with invincible, easily capturable super-weapons...


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try this:
1. capture the first falk drone immediatly.
2. Build LOTS of cruisers
3. save the second engineering pod at all costs
4. once you get 20-30 cruisers order your engineering pod to go to the drone surroundeing the planet, but just before it gets there go in with your huge fleet and draw the cruisers and crap away from the planet, sure lots of cruisers will get frigged but its the price you have to pay. The drone will be captured and you can just sit back. They have no chance after it falls. But remember, ALWAYS keep building, don't ever weaste a second of production, get that next cruiser in the air immediatly after you have the resources available! You have the advantage of waiting them out, your ships work wonders in huge forces. Oh and let that Heavy ship come to you, trust me he will, and when you do jump him, and have your boys hit him from all sides. Also, always let the computer control your fleet, just make sure you have the leader of that fleet as your target, your going to want to send him places in a jiffy!
5. Build a transport and capture it.

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heres how i do it, first i send 1 engineering pod to the flak drone, and while its on itrs way i build about 5-8 cruisers to guard my planet.

then usually the HC will attack and i use all my cruisers to help me destroy it, the way to deal with those little homing blobby things is to wait til its right next to your side, then while its moving towards you, thrust past its flank. then it wont follow you too bad, you should be too far away for it to hit you. once the HC is destroyed, immediatly go to your flak drone and kill the EP trying to take it over, then with about 3 cruisers at your planet, build 3-4 EPs, and send them towards the flak drone. when that is done, take all the cruisers at your planet and have em join your fleet. you should have maybe 15 or 20. send the EPs towards the flak drone, and escort em til you about 2/3 the way there. then warp or whatever you call it to the back of the planet, and fight the minions there so that flak wont destroy your pods. once the flak is gone, guard the planet so the transport can make its way safely. cruisers shouldn't be guarding you planet too bad cuz they will warp back to help fight you. no problem. it is a tedious level but it shouldn't be too hard

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Got it.

I even got past the level 6 of the demo - now to register!


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An EXTREMELY easy way to get that drone is to:
1. Make sure the HVD is dead.
2. send an engineering pod to the drone
3. when the drone is almost there, fly past the planet, outside of the drones range, and lure all of the ships away, and fly loops away from the planet. Fly straight away, and the Gaitori will go back.

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That's the exact strategy I used. It's easy to kill the Heavy Destroyer, but not 1 on 1. I hate to make you into a coward and sink to their level, but you're gonna have to swarm that thing.

Oh, wait! The question's been answered now. He's beaten the level.

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