Freaky Crashing Problem w/ Attacking

In OS X, my game crashes when I press the attack key, x. It does play the sound, but then the game quits. Any suggestions? Is my default weapon messed up?


Does the game work if you run it in Classic? (To force it to do so, "Get Info" on the game in the Finder and check the checkbox in the info window that pops up.)

What happens if you try using a different weapon, or no weapon at all, to attack?

Do you have any custom events linked to the X key?

Does your hero have an attack animation? (Though the lack of one shouldn't cause a crash, as far as I know.)

I don't know what I'm talking about.
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Also, do you have any events linked to your 'hit' or 'miss' fields?

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Thanks for the ideas...I'll try them and then come back and post the results.


Aack! ALL MY GRAPHICS GOT DELETED!!! I did have an event linked to "hit" though. I put it in the other events place instead (I don't know what to call's in the same window but it's a button). I'll just...erm...start over with a new Medieval game and modify it again. Because something DEFINITELY happened.


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