I can't beat that mission! I'm not sure of the mission name or which one, but it's your base against an opposing base and I own half the flax drones and the opposing player own the other half. I keep losing my flax drones and I can't attack back when they attack me! Aaaaurgh!(/frustrated)

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If you know what I mean.

no idea what missoin that is but the basic thing to do is either totally ingore flaks cuase there not very important unless over a planet, or just build 3-4 cruisers at each flak and that should protect it form pods, or you can go hunting and shooot down the pods befroe tehy even come near any.

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Have all cruisers follow you. If the enemy sends out an engineering pod, warp in and kill it. When you've got anywhere from ten to fifteen cruisers, go to their planet and kill their fleet there. Then build an engineering pod headed for their middle flak drone, and after that arrives, build a transport and send it in.

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All that you need to do is build a transport aimed for the enemy planet first, and then build as many cruisers as you can and have them go to the planet also. Just storm the planet immediately and don't let any of the ships they build get away from the planet.

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I believe the mission that you are on is called "into the fire..." In that mission, what I do is, As soon as the mission starts, build 6 cruisers and send 2 to each of your 3 flak drones. Then, as you get more resources, build more and send them to the drones at your discretion. Don't forget to save some to protect the world that you are trying to protect. After you have about 4 cruisers at each drone, then select an enemy drone, and build 3 engineer pods to go after that drone. That way, if an enemy ship trys to get them, they have to go through all 3. Once you have captured the drone, immediately start sending ships there to protect it. Again, 4-5 cruisers should be adequete. Do the same procedure for the other 2 drones. Once you have control of all the drones, select all of your ships, and send them to the enemy planet at the same time. Your fleet by now should be able to cruch enemy defenses with ease. Finally, build a transport and send it to the planet. That is how you beat the level.


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Hmmm...., if I remember this one right, I would send two cruisers to the middle flak that you own. Then I would have a engineering pod go to one of their outside flak drones, after building that I would have some more cruisers to protect my flak drones. Build another engineering pod and go to the other outside flak drone. The middle one will have some ships around it by this time, so you will probably need some cruisers to escort the engineering pod that you send there.

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