House Builder

Have you ever been frustrated at the lack of inventive houses on the Coldstone CD?
Ever tried to make your own houses, but lacked the graphical skill?
Never fear, people, for House Builder has come to save the day!!!
: :rolleyes::

Yes, that was my sopeksperson side talking, but at least it got the job done. Over the past few days I have been dismantling the houses from the CGE CD, arranging them into windows, designs, roofs, etc. I have tried it, and it works GREAT! It really added that spice to my cities instead of block after block of boring houses. With this, I creater a basically ordinary wooden house with two spires, stained glass windows, two chimneys, and 4 towers. Can you say, expensive-evil-merchant-tyrant-demon-lord-compund-villa-who-wants-to-take-over-the-world?

That was just a little example. I just started yesterday, so it should be out in a few days (probably by Friday-I make no promises.)

A note to all of you experienced guys:
Please, don't scald me on this one. This is meant for newbie-intermediates who would like to be more creative without pouring in hours into a few buildings. This is just a creative time-saver. I am also adding things like new cholor schemes and added features, they are very basic.

Feel free to use it when it comes out, just give me credit in the credits.


Where do I get it when it comes out?

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Why would anyone scald you about this? Sounds like a great tool to me - I know I'd use it or something similar if I were using that set of graphics!

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It will be on the addons page.

Thanks! I just got so much hostility from veterans in other posts I thought that I would just be safe.

I've been testing it, and it is actually really useful! I made like 40 new houses to add to my cities. I barely even use the old houses anymore! On the weekend I'll be releasing the beta, with more addons to come.


not to throw salt on your idea which is great by the way,
i say you publish it to (url="http://"")iDevGames(/url) and (url="http://"")macGameFiles(/url)

i just have an alternate method,just the 3D cousin to your method, which i'm using now,

using a simplistic 3d editor like meshworks( or one of the free ones listed in the add on section), you can build steeples and spires, stained glass windows, stairs,
doors, the thing is how do you find textures, using a digital camera you can get real life textures, and thru some of the resources online(texture sites), or by cropping/capturing(apple+shift+4) pieces from real estate/wild life sites/catalog (url="http://"")IKEA(/url) , you can build some really unique and custom things.

meshwork, has a total of 8 texture slots available to apply to a structure, and if you have some left over you can grab an image of a sculpture, apply it to a rectangular surface and bam you now have michaelangelo's david to scale and correctly lit in your game.

since the ColdStone cd does come with it's own cache of 3d object rendered from various angles, it's not necessary persay to go build a digital library of images. but consider this you build a basic structure and you have all you need do is slap the pieces in place like legos. yes just loike smodis you have pieces you can assemble to build a different house, ( / end similarities )
but by doing it this way provided you color code like areas, you can swap textures/smooth and manipulate to the proper size and
angle quickly....

think of it as a renewable resource, you could use the same house in every game you ever build and never have to build another.
but i'm sure some of you already knew this, but to anyone interested go for it
(meshworks is $30 to register, until then you can't save more than 200 vertices ---> (url="http://"")MeshWork(/url)

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Originally posted by smodis:
but lacked the graphical skill?

Thats me!

Let us know when you upload it and we'll take a look.


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Originally posted by ellrx:

i'm sure some of you already knew this, but to anyone interested go for it
(meshworks is $30 to register, until then you can't save more than 200 vertices ---> (url="http://"") :: Doesn't work here???
Your URL for Meshworks should be THIS: (url="http://"")



Originally posted by Toast:
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Ok, it's done! I just need to burn it on a CD and get it to my internet computer. I am having problems with my CD-RW so i guess I'll just have to beg my dad to get me another Anyways, I have done pretty much all of the basic stuff. It is only version "1.0.0" and only (so far) makes houses facing forward. It includes stuff like stairs, houses bases, hay stacks, steeples, etc. I just also finished doing the Read Me, that includes Legal Stuff, instructions for newbies, and thanks (I'll say it here to: THANK YOU GUYS) sorry for shouting



I'm back! (Well, not really )
Right when I had the house builder totally complete- read me's and all, (and put onto a CD) My (s)mother poured an entire glass of cogniac on the interenet comp. keyboard. The real tragedy is not the House Builder, but that fine glass of V.S.O.P Grand SomethingorotherIdontcareIjustdrankitandgotravingdrunk Cogniac. Just kidding. Anyways, I am at an internet cafe now telling yous about this tragedy. Once your computer gets fixed you will se it on the boards.



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