Problems with non-PoG tiles

I have had very frustrating problems making RPGs out of non-PoG graphics. I have started about 6 of them, just to see if it will work, but it won't! What happens, is that I start up fine, type in name, choose class, but then all it gives me is the map interface, and a totally black screen! Whenever I move around, the map interface seems to layer itself under, and about a millimeter above itself until I have like 500 tops of the map interface all over my screen. If i move to the side they will shift over to!

I have checked all of my startup guides: Perfect
Graphics: 16 bit, pict file, 72 dpi
Memory: Over 50 megs.

What could be wrong?


Make sure you have two layers defined in the map, a point not made very often in the startup-guides if at all. Don't know if this is the exact cause or not, though.

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Try checking your location files and interface definitions. This doesn't sound like a problem with the map tiles to me. (Unless... are the pixel dimensions of your tile graphics the same as the pixel dimensions of the map's ground tiles? If not, that might cause this...)

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If I read correctly I had a similar problem which, thanks to you guys in the web board, I was able to solve.

Check and make sure that the tile images dimensions are exactly the same as the maps tile dimensions. I used to get all kinds of craziness because of this and I was getting REALLY frustrated.

Ever since then I haven't had a problem. 🙂

I hope that helps!


Also make sure that, in the map interfase menu under game options, the box for the game screen is the exact size and in the exact place that you need it. If it is not, it can cause some interesting problems.


OK, ill try all thus, but Klatu, I had the same problem, and this is entirely different