Direction for Player, NW,NE,Sw,SE only...

I want know if someone could tell me if it's possible to block(on the keyboard) N,S,E,W direction for the player so he could only walk... in diagonal,
'cause i'm trying something with isometric view with Coldstone,
Problem: In the map editor, with my isometric view map, the blocking block access is pretty difficult to configure so the player's not act wierdly in a corner of a room for example. hope you understand my question, thanks


Well, I suppose it is technically possible.... you'd have to make sure animations for said directions did nothing, but also your maps would have to look like a chequerboard with access tiles, if I understand you correctly. The keyboard movements themselves are wired into the engine, and although you can disable them, then there is no movement whatsoever.....

OK, I'll let others respond whilst I sleep. Maybe I'll understand better when I'm conscious. 🙂


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This post is not going to be much help, but I just wanted to share my experience.

I also tried to make my game isometric. I made 1/3 or more of the images needed and when I tested it I hated to. The character wobbled the screen around too much and over all I was unhappy with the end result.

Now I'm just making it a top down (straight up and down or left and right) game and am trying to add some extra elements to the gameplay to make it a bit more interesting.

As far as disableing N,S,E,W, I don't believe that it is possible. This engine most definetely lends itself to the top down (up,down,left,right) instead of the latter. It's too bad because i think that my game in particular looked better as isometric. Oh, well - back to work I go.

Also, just thought I'd add this in - if you leave all the directions then it will make it easier for the player to fight the baddies.


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