New Chronicle 8/17

Well, here we are again. A queue of chronicles beckons, and thus another is released. This week's tale comes to us from PinkFluffyBunny and is the beginning of a saga named 'The Shadows of the Past.' You can read the first part of this series (url="http://";=49")here(/url).

As always, I'll do a brief critique commentary later (after I've slept a bit, and got some of my Physics and Biochemistry homework done). Goodnight all, and happy reading! 🙂


"Any good that I may do here, let me do now, for I may not pass this way again"

Thanks Andiyar! I appreciate this.
I have sent in parts 2 and 3, just so you know that they'll be out in the next few days.
If only people would try things instead of saying "I don't like that." Nothing makes sense anymore.

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