PoG Source

Anyone know if there is a PoG source that I can download? I would like to have a few graphics from it (signs, chickens, etc.). If there is a source for it, could you tell me where i can find it?

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The PoG source is not available for download - it would be pretty tough for ASW/Beenox to sell it if anyone with a copy of Coldstone could download it and build their own copy, wouldn't it?

Most of the PoG graphics are included in Coldstone's Art Lib if you have the full Coldstone distro. If it's not in there (and I can't seem to find either of the two graphics you specifically asked about after a brief search), you won't find it.

If you're making a PoG plug, you should have access to the full set of PoG graphics once you load the plugin data properly.

If you're making a standalone game, there's a couple of ways I can think of that you could "extract" the graphics from PoG, but that would almost certainly be frowned upon quite strongly by Ambrosia and Beenox, as those graphics have not been released for public usage.

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