Newbie Blast

Being a newbie to Ares, I have just started the training and was wondering if anyone had good tips on shooting. I cannot seem to find a balance between shooting and dodging. And this is just the drones. Help...

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My advice - skip the training and go straight into the levels. You get better practice from playing then training.


there are training levels?

no im serious here.


Changeling's version did. And there is the "secret levels" download, which allows you to acess the training level.

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Learn how to coast and shoot at the same time. The Gaitori cruisers work well for this lesson. Once you get that down, take on the Gaitori gunships and learn how to stop and accelerate effectively.

It's basically similar to EV

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My new keyboard is evil. I can't fire, turn, and accelerate or decelerate at the same time. You might not care, but that is actually a major part of my dogfighting tactics. I'm getting better at getting around it, and I'm almost as good now as I was before the new keyboard, but it's still annoying when I try to do stuff and it doesn't work...

"I can ail what cures you."