Chronicle Question

I sent a story to the Chronicles section of the Coldstone webboards, doing what the instructions tell you to do.. that was some time ago.
It hasn't been posted yet. (the one I'm talking about is not the Early History of Tenova, which was posted)
Did I miss something saying that the Chronicles section is down?

The reason I'm not posting this in the chronicles area is that I doubt anyone would see it.
Does GlueBubble still exist.. or did I miss another thing?
Please tell me if i should resend the story.
(it was 2-4 pages long, and I've extended it to 38 pages since then)

Perhaps Coldstone is nothing more than VaporWare...


Originally posted by Lorenoth:
**Does GlueBubble still exist.. or did I miss another thing?

he's in Germany

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Originally posted by theKestrel;
I have to go work with my father for a couple weeks, so progress won't go during those weeks, except minimally.

He posted this on the twenty-third of July (url="http://"")here(/url),so figure at least a week before he gets back and starts reviewing chronicles again 🙂


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