Im l(ö)(ö)ing for a frozen Heart Partner

Yep but they have to pass my standers... please Stellglass?

ITS HERE ARES WEBBOARD ONE HOTLINE(for more detales go to the topic called its here and read it)!
(if this Sarilian Carriers a-rocken dont come a-knoking)
(1-2-3-the devels after me-4-5-6-hes always throwing sticks-7-8-9-he misses every time)
(Devels Shack)
E I/I I II E I/IŤŤŤŤŤŤŤŤŤŤŤsee i fixed it:)


Sorry, Eminem. I like to work alone. And the way I do plugs, it sort of needs to be done by one person.

"I can ail what cures you."

Sumo i dont know who u are so i might have to say... no

'When you play with fire your gona get burned'
EM said about the Audemedon Gate ship well chasing Mags small vessal!