What do you think of my Ishiman Overkill Mod?

Hi there!

Well the title says it all, if you downloaded mt Ishiman Overkill Mod I would really like to know what you think of it.Do note when yu reply that I am only 12 years old and this was my first Ares mod as well.Thanx! 😄


Where did I put my Heavy

Strange, but I couldn't get the download to work, as with many other of the files. And no, I have nevr played FF8, so don't even mention it.

I have a plan so ingenius even an idiot could devise it. We will line all our ships up and fly straight at the enemy death cannons therefore clogging them with wreckage.

I'm going to be blunt: I can't stand cheater plugs, so I normally would have deleted it. But seeing as how there are scant few Ares plugs currently, I hesitated. Andrew finally released it and a few other files that were building up.

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i will be nice and kind considering your age and that the fact that it is still the first plug u have done, and that i cant make a plug worth %$^% and im 14.

It is not THAT great of a plug. I really agree that plugs that do stupid things should not really be put out for downloading. But it was a plug never the less.

"Hera causes the foloowing in me...

-Sudden screaming as the file i have fiddled with for an hour is deleted
-Staying awake in my bed thinking what i did wrong for hera to be downloaded with ares 1.2
-me not understanding how to put a weapon on a ship
-pissing off my friend who knows c++ by asking him too many questions
-genral insanity"


Aaaahhh. Nice to see a fellow countryman in this wilderness of a board. I havent played your plug, I'm too busy making mine. Oh, and I'm 16 so there.

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Well, my response to single and multiplayer:

Singleplayer: I don't need to cheat to beat the game, ya know. I like struggling better, that's why I'm currently making one where you play through as Gaitori.

Multiplayer: I like long battles, not short ones. The ships have awesome weapons, yes, but the shields are the same, hence creating a scenario where both fleets decimate each other in a second or two.

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I haven't downloaded it yet; I won't. A plug like that would probably destroy my strategy. It wouldn't be fun any more. To change things around and use different ships would be good, but that's because each race is more or less unique, and it switches the game around, not destroys it. If you wan't to make an interesting plug, duplicate the factory scenarios and switch the two players. Unfortunately, the game would get progressively easier, so you might try making the ships in L20 appear as soon as the opponent's ship is destroyed (that would happen fairly quickly) and deprive the player of the Cantharan reinforcements.

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geez its just a plug