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mrxak says the round we're in with GTW 39 is the last one, so sign up here if you'd like to play in Game 40. I would like to host, though if someone else really wants to I'll be happy to play. Should I be the host, it will be like what mrxak has hosted for GTW 36 and 39.

lets dooo iiiiiit


Mack gets lynched first for having hissy fits.

adam_0 was having just as much of a hissy fit. You should have seen them on IRC going at it ;).

Is darth_vader actually playing?

To give people sufficient time to sign up, I propose Wednesday for the start date.

Fine with me. (/signup bigtime!)

Anyway, to whoever is hosting, probably Mack, remember to notify me on IRC as soon as anything happens. Otherwise I'll completely forget this game exists.

He can give us both daily reminders.

You'll both get one reminder together at the most.

darth_vader : are you playing?

Yeah bro, I'm playing.

Mack, is it going to be regular GTW or mrxak's version?

Thanks vader.

Crow: mrxak's version.

croc's back I will play only because I'm going through horrendous withdrawals stemming from the abandonment of #mafia

Yeah really mrxak, stop turning croc's posts pink.

Signups are closed. I'll post the topic and send out PMs shortly.