Hello again,

Ok, I was able to destroy the gateship and the carriers, but those heavy cruisers beat the living snot out of me. Anyone have suggestions?

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heres what i do to rid u of all the problems (Carriers and Hcruisers) just fly throw the grope of Astrodes and make every one crash into the astrodies siple


I always get the carriers to crash, but find that it takes too long to get the cruiser and heavy cruiser to crash (probably a mix of maneuverability and small size), so I then warp away from the asteroids, and take them two on one. I find that the modified cruiser is powerful enough to take them that way.

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Just engage them from far enough away. The Onas Pulse Gun has huge range, and the way it knocks them backwards every hit will keep them from ever reaching you.

Of course, seeing them while cloaked at that range can get difficult...

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