GTW Game 34

Witty Subtitle Edition

At a round table in a bunker miles beneath the Earth, five people were seated. These people were the representatives of the most powerful member nations of the Global Alliance, each one empowered to make decisions on the behalf of millions. These representatives were:

Jacabyte , the representative of the Geometrical Commonwealth
Mackilroy , the representative of the United States of Sulphuria
prophile , the representatice of the United Sodium Kingdom
nfreader , the representative of the Republic of Sillicon Valleys
and mud212 , the representative of the League of Mining Nations

"I don't see why we need to be here," Jacabyte said. "I have important business with the Geometrian College of Planes and Angles."

"We all have important business elsewhere," nfreader said, looking at Jacabyte with a glaring robotic eye. "I, for instance, have to see a man about a cake."

"Why is it I get the feeling you're prevaricating, nfreader?" prophile said. "Regarding this hypothetical cake, that is."

"Now, now, gentlemen," Mackilroy said. "I feel sure we would not have been summoned without good cause."

"The question is, what cause could it be?" mud212 said, leaning forwards. "Unless this is a trade discussion on the price of diamond blocks, I can't see the purpose."

"Nothing so pleasantly benign, I'm afraid, representative mud212 ," Shlimazel said, walking into the room. He set his briefcase down onto the table with a stereotypical bang, and surveyed the assembled representatives.

"I'll get right down to business, as I'm sure you would all prefer," Shlimazel continued, opening the briefcase. "It has come to light that a number of powerful, experimental nuclear weapons designed for destroying asteroids, nicknamed Crackerjacks, have gone missing." Shlimazel handed a bundle of folders from his briefcase to prophile , who took one and passed the rest along.

"Our intelligence indicates that this was the work of an organization of powerful terrorists, whose diabolical schemes are threatening the world, and indeed, the whole of humanity, with terrible devastation." Shlimazel paused.

"Is there more?" nfreader inquired after a moment. "I'm pausing for dramatic emphasis." Shlimazel said." "So should I get a book, or…" Mackilroy said.


"What?!?" Jacabyte said. "No! It can't be true!" prophile said. "Only humans could concieve such foolishness!" nfreader said. " Hmm ," Mackilroy intoned. "So what do you propose we do, then?" mud212 said.

"Our solution is this," Shlimazel said, steepling his fingers. "We have a device which can perfectly extract truthful information from a mind, but is so dangerous it will kill the person it is used on."

Shlimazel surveyed the room balefully. "You, the representatives of the world's governments, will be voting on who you believe is the most suspicious among you." he said. "Once you reach a consensus, the individual chosen will be dragged off and we will discover the truth.

"You will need to act quickly, however, as time is short," Shlimazel said. "Any moment, the terrorists could deploy the Crackerjacks and level entire countries!" He paused. "Good luck, gentlemen."

As Shlimazel left the room, the five representatives looked at each other uncertainly.


The rules of this game of GTW will be fairly standard: there is one terrorist and one special role. The terrorist can choose one person to be killed off at the end of each round.

Roles will be revealed immediately at the end of the round.

If I don't recieve a message from the terrorist at the end of the round, no one is nightkilled.

No one will be penalized for posting to say they are abstaining from voting, however anyone who fails to post at all for 2 rounds successively will be smited, so if you don't want to vote, make sure you show up and say that you are abstaining.

There is no rule against revealing roles, however, don't expect people to believe you.

You may make one (1) post after your death, you may hint at things obliquely with it however if you have any damning evidence or accusations to present, please do it while alive, not in your death post.

I have no objection to PMing one another, but posting the contents of PMs or screens thereof is not allowed.

Each round will last 2 days, so the current round will end on Monday morning, the 23rd, around 11-12 pm eastern time.

Please bold your votes, and announce changes in your vote via a new post.

As a general note; the introductory story is just fluff, and does not include hints about who has what role.



Just to kick things off, I think JacaByte is the evil one. I have no justification at all for this.

You know what, JacaByte always seemed like a suspicious bastard to me too.

I have consulted the ghosts in my machine(s). We have reached a consensus: JacaByte has ulterior motives.

Now if you will excuse me(us), I(we) must finalize my(our) contingency plans, should the unthinkable happen.

Oh come on, I just want to give you guys pizza!

On a related note, I knew that Mackilroy was going to vote for me before I read his post. Either I have precognitive abilities or Mackilroy just has it out for me that badly.

That said, my vote goes to prophile because he band wagoned with Mackilroy, and he got heads. (nfreader also band wagoned but was tails.)

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Voting for prophile right now would be unethical for me.

Because it would cause a tie and we would have zero chance of randomly killing the terrorist then?

Tell you what, if you'll change your vote to prophile or nfreader I'll promise to abstain for the rest of this round. I know for sure I'm innocent, my death won't get us anywhere.

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You'd say that even if you were innocent, so my vote will have to remain with you.

Fine, no need to put me in the machine, I'm the terrorist, and this game was disappointingly short. How did I get weeded out without even having to post?

Well… that was unexpected.


Hey shlim we won the game the same day you posted it gg dogg

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Cough, I mean:

" Jacabyte , I have strong suspicions of your motivations," Mackilroy sleuthed. "Where were you on the morning of February 23rd?"

"I have no idea how that could possibly be relevant," Jacabyte said, adjusting his tie. "Your interest in my past locations is suspicious in and of itself!"

"Nonsense," prophile said in the manner of a man who has telepathic mind powers. "Answer the question! Unless you have some reason not to!"

"Zzzzzzzz," mud212 said. "SNRRK arglefargle.... zzzzzzz."

"Resistance is useless!" nfreader borged at Jacabyte. "Surrender your data!"

Assailed from all sides, Jacabyte leapt from his chair and pulled out a pair of Uzis. "You'll never take me alive, alliance scum!" he said, blasting away in all directions in a cinematic manner.

Then Shlimazel smashed through a skylight and karate kicked him in the face. "WHO PUT THAT SKYLIGHT IN OUR BUNKER." Shlimazel said, aghast. "Do you know how dangerous that would be if there was a nuclear war?"

"Oh, and a terrorist," he added. A bunch of guards came in and hauled Jacabyte off. "Good job, everyone, you saved the world! Have a hearty round of applause!" Everyone claps except nfreader , who plays a recording of someone clapping, because he's a crazy robot.


Jacabyte was the Terrorist.
Mackilroy was innocent.
prophile was the Intelligence Agent
nfreader was innocent (but also a robot??)
mud212 was asleep (but also innocent)

I have no idea what to say to the way this game turned out except that it's not how I hoped it would. I guess we open up a new signup now?

@shlimazel, on 22 April 2012 - 12:16 PM, said in GTW Game 34:

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

My feelings exactly.

So, I say we start a new sign-up topic and then slate GTW 35 to start on May 12th. That way we have plenty of time to get more players together, because I think that's what got me killed. (Personally I think we're the only 6 people who know this forum still exists)

Seven- and I'm not as new as I appear to be.Sad to see the boards have gone Ghost Protocol.

Good to see some of the old school folks around though.

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JB: it wasn't necessarily the number of people that ended the round so early, just that I was extremely lucky in picking you and everyone else decided to bandwagon with me. Fortuitous, but still, more time to sign up and more players would be good.

Sorry I didn't get in on the first (and only) round. Seems I wasn't really needed, anyway.

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