Global Thermonuclear War

Game 33

Welcome to Global Thermonuclear War, Game 33, gents. First game we've played in a while. I hope you enjoy it, and I'll do my best to have an interesting and well-written story. No promises other than that, though. 😛 Rules as posted in the signup topic are below (slightly modified due to role elimination), and everyone participating should have a PM in their inbox.

GTW Game Rules

1. You must post at least once per day, just to show you're really paying attention to the topic. Posts containing more than just 'I'm here,' are preferred. If, after two consecutive rounds of you having not posted or PMed me with a valid reason (similar to the ones I listed in Rule 3) you'll be booted from the game.

2. I will not tell you the roles of people when they die, with the exception of the ABM Commander.

3. Each round will last 48 hours, excepting extenuating circumstances such as me having no access to a computer (unlikely), me being in the hospital (also unlikely), or me dying (extremely unlikely - I hope).

4. If there is a tie, those who tied will be go into an extended round of at least 24 hours, extended to 48 if I deem it necessary, until someone obtains the maximum number of votes.

5. If you abstain, I'm counting that as a vote for yourself. If you abstain twice, well, God help you in that case. I won't kick you out of the game, but if you do it a third time, you're gone.

6. If you have a special role, you must PM me before I end a round or you will not be able to use your ability. No ifs, buts, candy or nuts.

FYI : In this game, some roles have been renamed. I will not list all of the roles here, to avoid giving them away, but of the ones we've seen most often I will list this game's equivalents:

Terrorist - Dictator
SDI - ABM Commander
Innocent - Council Member

Mack's apartment: present day

Mack is sitting at the counter in his apartment, watching the news as a story breaks about another terrorist attack, funded by who-knows-what country. There were various dictators around the world, but nobody knew who those were due to their tight control over information about them. Mack was close to getting fed up with the situation, though. Too many innocent people were dying because of these madmen, and he wanted to put a stop to it.

Putting on his coat over his suit, he pulled out a phone and called one of his subordinates, saying, "Rudy, make sure all the council members are here for the next meeting..." as he hurried out the door.


Council Chambers - November 10

Mack stood in one of the back rooms of the enormous Central Chamber where the Council met to discuss day-to-day issues. He'd called for a general meeting of all the delegates to figure out what to do about the problem. As delegates dribbled in singly or in small groups, Mack hit on the solution of having the delegates discuss who might be the dictator(s), then vote to remove them from the Council - he knew they had spies there. The problem with that was they could rig the vote, but he saw no other way to fix the problem at present.

After about half an hour everyone was assembled. Mack took a deep breath, then walked out of the room up to the podium on one side of the chamber.

"Council members, I've requested this session today because of the threat posed by the dictators and their terrorist proxies throughout the world. Too many innocents have died while we debate here, unknowing - and sometimes uncaring. This must stop now. Starting today we are going to remain in here, debating who is what, and removing those who threaten us in spite of the cost. I know we have some defensive assets in place that can help us, but I cannot reveal who they are without their likely deaths shortly thereafter."

He paused for a moment to get a glass of water, then continued, "I know the dictators have spies in this very room, among us right now. Our goal is to flush them out and remove their blight from the planet before they kill us all. If you have any questions, please refer them to my subordinates."

As he stepped from the podium and left the chamber, the Council members began arguing and gesticulating among themselves, trying to figure out who was what and what was going on.

Player list please?

Ah, right:


My preliminary vote goes to



, because he requested to see a player list so he could use it as a hit list!

This post has been edited by JacaByte : 12 November 2008 - 05:49 PM

So there's more than those three roles listed?

No, I eliminated one role. There were originally four different roles (if you count the Council Member) and now there are three.

Maybe you should edit your post then.

I'm gonna go back to my old standby strategy of voting for people who have silly names.



, you have excessive numbers, and therefore must die.

Sheesh, this old gripe. I could just as easily vote



, because it makes sense to only very few people. As does my username.

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mrxak is my real first name :blink:

I'm going to vote GutlessWonder (retracted) because he's the least likely candidate - that must mean he's both an actor and a terrorist. A scary combo, I'm sure you all agree.

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So does this round end tomorrow at whatever time you posted the first post, Mack?

It will end at 5:00 PM CST, because I like it when time is even. 🙂 The next round will be a few hours longer because of my work schedule, I'll let you know more then.

For those who haven't posted, don't forget about the rules!

Bah, a four way tie with 1 vote each. I think something needs to be done about that, but I refuse to change my vote from prophile because of the way he looked at me.

I'll change to Templar98921 who has not showed up at all and because that breaks the tie.

Ugh, 16 hour workday today, gah. If I'm not too late, I'll toss a vote in for Jacabyte.

Gutless, you've got plenty of time. This round will end at 5:00 PM CST tomorrow, so not for eighteen and a half hours. 🙂

A periodic vote tally would be nice. I'm not bothering with my usual games notes.

Prophile. For lying. (I had turned up, I voted for mrxak).

orcaloverbri9 is the only one slower than me to get to posting, hence is either a terrorist or an airhead.

Templar, you need to get rid of your old vote if you're gonna switch.

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