GTW Game 2

Game Over - Innocents Win

I've sent PMs to the evil dictators and intelligence agent. They now know who they are.

There's very little to go on here, but the names of the players are:


Let the great security council vote-off begin!

Do try to get your votes in in the next 24 hours. The intelligence agent should wait until the vote's been decided before contacting me. The evil dictators should talk to each other ideally before the vote is done and let me know who you're going to nuke after the security council has decided.

In times of uncertainty, a person must step forward and act first. So, my loyal government of electric banjos and I must nominate Artanis to be nuked. But not too much. Just a little nuke, but just big enough to be bigger then little but not big enough to be big.

So to sum up the above.

I and my loyal electric banjos nominate Artanis to be nuked.

And one of the banjos wants the last word, so here it is.


Mackilroy. Because his name begins with "M". Also, is it correct to assume that there are two evil dictators, and one intelligence agent?


I would vote mrxak, but he's running it.

So I choose prophile because of his avatar.

In times of uncertainty indeed. However, you must take care to step up in the right direction.
I mean no slight against you, nor your honorable electric banjos, 1eevee1, but you have the wrong nation,
as my sources and analysts have informed me that the criminal here is prophile.

(vote: prophile )

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Due to a small consulting fee given to me, I also change my vote to prophile.

That and if I don't, my vote'll be useless, anyway.

EDIT - Done. Yayness and stuff.

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Bold your votes, please. And yes, there are two evil dictators and one intelligence agent.

My sources of intelligence tell me to vote to nuke prophile.

The valiant populace of Gütland has long been a staunch ally of prophile, and I urge those of you blindly accusing of him of reconsidering.

Consider instead Mackilroy, whose evil ways have long been a stain on world affairs!!!

Indeed, Mackilroy should be taken down immediately!


Presumably both dictators were notified of the fact before the game started, thus I find it most unlikely that both Artanis and 1Eevee1 are dictators. I wouldn't discount the possibility that one or the other might be, however. Darwinian seems kinda clueless about the goings-on of the game to be one of the special roles, so until anything further comes to light, I'll set him aside. Gutless' nation is German, you'll notice. I mean. I'm just saying. Kinda suspicious.

I vote for GutlessVunder.

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I've been bandwagonned 😞

I vote Mackilroy , because I never got the chance to knock him off last game.

I thought he was innocent last game?

He was, and I suspect he's guilty this time.

@prophile, on Jul 19 2007, 04:24 PM, said in GTW Game 2:

He was, and I suspect he's guilty this time.

Agreed, Mackilroy is totally a dictator this time, it's the kinda thing mrxak would do.

Well it appears we have a tie vote. In the event of a tie, we take the two (or more) with the most number of votes and we do another vote. Only votes for Mackilroy or prophile will be accepted in this sudden-death round.

Please vote immediately. You are welcome to change your prior vote if you wish, but you can only change your vote to one of those two people. To be clear, you must vote again, your earlier vote will not be counted. Naturally prophile and Mackilroy will not need to vote, as they can only vote for each other anyway.

Mackilroy , as stated above.



mrxak, if you have an even number of players you're meant to start with the evil dictators.

Clearly you don't know how to run a TWG!

I will not falter in my resolve, Mackilroy must fall.

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