GTW Game 2 Sign-up

Just so we have an accurate count

Somebody will run a game, we'll find out who in a bit. But let's get a list of people who will be involved.

I'll play or host.

I can play, but won't be hosting. I was planning on hosting another game next week, but will be out of town over the weekend, and won't be any good for hosting then. Thus, I can play, but I can't host.


Sign me up for play, maybe host.

I'll play.

I'm game.

Count me in, sir.

I'm willing to play.

I'll play

I'm in. I saw the other GTW as a Guest and it seemed pretty fun. But I won't host, though.


Okay, looks like 10 people so far. That makes 9 players. I'll leave sign-ups open for a little longer.

I'll be out of town this weekend, and can't guarantee I'll be able to regularly post. So I'll be out for this game.

Okay, game sign-ups will be closed sometime tomorrow, pretty much whenever I get around to picking who's gonna be what.

Hey, mrxak, you should decide who is what, then play!


Okay! I shall! PMs and new topic imminent!

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