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The official FAQs are here.

If you have a question which you think might fit in the FAQ, submit it here. 🙂 We'll do our best to answer each and every one even if it doesn't fit in the FAQ, as well.

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Q: Why am I not able to fly through that room with the many red dots and lava blobs in Volcano without dying each time?

A: You aren't supposed to do so yet. Have a look at some other worlds of Sketchtopia and maybe you'll find a useful upgrade to pass these annoying red dots, but maybe you'll have to register before doing so.

Q: Why don't my keys work for driving?

A: If you have Quicken installed, there's a bug in the Quicken autoupdate scheduler that is causing problems for any game that polls for the keyboard, including Sketchfighter. The 1.0.1 version will warn you if "Secure Keyboard Entry" was thus mistakenly left enabled, so please update.

Q: What is and where do I find the Crazy Zone, which got unlocked after the final boss?

A: The Crazy Zone is a sixth multiplayer map, which isn't played the same way as the others...

Q: How do I use the SketchFighter 4000 Alpha level editor?

A: The editor is not hard to use, but it is not intuitive either. So you should read the PDF manual that comes with it before and/or while using it. Also, the sample levels included with the game are very informative, open them and see how things are done!

Q: I'd love to use my own sketches or create custom levels using new artwork, how do I create my own sprites for the game?

A: It is possible, but harder to do than a custom level. Check out this topic for more info.

And now come the questions that don't fit in the FAQs (reput here to keep them all at the end):

Chris Marlowe:
"I keep getting a hint that I should look for walls that can be shot out with missiles. Is this different from the piles of double-walled rocks that can be destroyed with missiles? I've been hammering away at all sorts of non-rock walls without result."
"The rocks look slightly different, but they still look like rocks – so don't shoot the walls. ;)"

"Where can a user report bugs? I've got a reproducible bug here on my system that is slightly annoying."
The Moderators:
"Please report it to the bug thread. However, if you would also like tech support (for instance you would like a workaround), then post it to Help On The Way. You could also PM either of us (Freq245, kauthor, Mackilroy, Zacha Pedro)."

Veritus Dartarion:
"safe bet:
Q: How the heck do I get the star behind three walls at the bottom of the Ice Caves

A: This is a puzzle that requires that you examine the barriers and the rest of the Ice Caves closely. If you still cannot figure it out, look for solutions on the forums or in a Sketchfighter guide."

" Q: How do I beat the final boss?

A: You have to use a special weapon which can't be upgraded on a rarely-shown, but very important point of the pen."
(not fit for being FAQs since we're not going to have one FAQ for every such gameplay question; the first one by Freq is an exception; We hope to have a guide soon to answer all these).

Zacha Pedro, inspired my Mephisto
" Q: Why does the background go away and sprites keep being printed over each other in my custom level?

A: You just didn't put enough background sprites, the one you're over probably has its center too far off the ship and has been culled out and is no longer drawn. You need to put regularly-spaced, normally-sized background sprites. For instance you can start from the included EmptyTemplate or Picquilarius' 20x30GraphPaperBG."

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