I'm back!

Working on a new level

Hey, I'm back!
I'm working on the Collective Tyranny again. I will post the level (so far, anyway) as soon as I either get my Mac reconnected to my LAN or use a USB stick to upload it from this computer. The first level of maybe 3 is about 30% finished and, well, see for yourself (soon, that is).

EDIT: Teaser (one third of Level 1) uploaded.

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Cool, though you might want to change your signature. It's kinda making a liar out of you. 😛

Too true, will do 🙂
Can't reconnect my mac (argh) and I can't find my USB stick (double argh)
Scratch that. First post being edited.

Welcome back.


Welcome back, Sidepipe.
As far as the level goes, I especially like the long blue "beams" with the shadows. (Figures I would, eh?)