Just need two more stars.....

Okay. So I have every weapon, every color and have been to every world. I need the star from hitting the snowflakes, and I need the star from going through the blacked out area.

Snowflakes...I have gotten the two by the switches. I need the last snowflake by the rocket upgrade but I cant get to it. Two icicles are block me from getting into the area, and I can't reach the snowflake from the outside.
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Blackout Area... I can't defeat the guardian. Any tips?

I'm fed up so any help is welcomed, don't worry about spoilers I know about everything.

Been a while since I last played, let's see if I can remember...

I seem to remember some icicles could be destroyed only by using red weapons. Try switching to the red setting and shoot those icicles with that, and type will do.

As for the blackout area, can you post a screenshot of what that looks like to jog my memory? If I see it, I might remember how to beat it.

Thank you the red shots worked. The Blackout area is in the north part of the wasteland area. This is the entrance to it from the forest area.
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Thanks for the help. I just beat the guardian with the green super waves. I hadn't tried the super waves, because I thought only missiles would hurt him. Now all I have to do is defeat the end zone, but I want to figure that out on my own.

Oh, that guy? I beat him by flying in guns blazing, firing off rockets whenever I hit something. Seriously, that's what I did. However, that was against him, not his lackeys just before him. If you want actual strategy tips, here are a few:

  • Get as many Rocket Upgrades as you can find and make sure you are full up on rocket ammo. Don't be shy to use those rockets, you can always get more later.
  • The Blue setting is probably your best one here as you probably know. It'll freeze enemies making things just that much easier.
  • The best weapon settings are probably Super Pellets and/or Wave (super or regular). The Super Pellets mode will bounce off walls showing you where they are and hit enemies before they can hit you. The Wave mode will hit multiple enemies in a wide range, just about as good.
  • Until you face the mini-boss, go slowly. Keep firing your guns and, unless using the Wave mode, memorize where your shots hit things so you know where the walls are. When you hit an enemy, take note of the direction they're facing. If facing you, let loose a few rockets on them to quickly end them.
  • When you get to the mini-boss, just open up with everything once you know where he is. It won't be long before he's toast.

Hope these help.

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Now all I have to do is defeat the end zone...

Good luck. 🙂

As far as the end zone goes, my usual strategy is this.

For the initial waves, use the blue super wave and just dodge and fire backwards, if you've frozen something, don't bother to carry on firing at it, you can always mop those up pretty easily afterwards.

When you get to the evil clones, switch to the super homing and just keep out of the way of the false ships and circle the arena. Your shots'll make it eventually. The homing attacks will also head towards any leftover frozen enemies from the first part, so that helps mop that up.

When you get to the final boss, circle him in the opposite direction and turn and fire every time the lid opens. Just dodge around the Messes and you should be fine.

Thanks, the advice definitely helped.