Yurnet's Horde

Should I make it??

Hey guys, should I make a Yurnet level to end all levels? I'm almost all done with 'Yurnet's Return' and I had the Idea to make 1 ginormous(Huge) level featuring Yurnet's last stand. You can also tell me what you think should be in there.

Waitin' for a post........................................

Yeah, make something. 🙂
I really liked a couple of your enemies in Magmalia: the minimap markers that exploded and the homing bullets with the lava particles. Maybe they could find their way into your Yurnet finale? 😉

I concur.

@Lamkin: Yes those enemies were more.... interesting( 😉 ) than what i usually do, but I could add in some similar 'one hit kill' and creative enemies for you all to handle.

I'm still open to suggestions as I'm not done with 'Yurnet's Return' yet.

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