Shoutout to klubs.

He was last seen on oct. 13

Not to be superstitious, it's just that he hasn't gotten on for 4+ months. I just don't have a good feeling about this. 😞
Does anyone have his email address? I would like to send him an email.
Sorry if I'm overreacting.


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Four months, eh? Methinks Klublex would say where he was going or what he was doing if this was intentional, but you never know.
I have his e-mail address, Kasofa, so I'll e-mail it to you. (And I'll e-mail him, too.)

Sometimes people get busy. One of the Redline moderators hasn't been on in years (well, posted for years), but I see him on Xbox Live from time to time.

Ok, I'm probably (hopefully) overreacting. 😄


😮 Umm... this could merely be me being paranoid, but I think I killed Klublex... Remember that link to the 'Kingon' videos by Burger King I had in my signature a while back? Well, it just so happens one of Klublex's last posts said he needed to click on that link. His birthday is not listed in his profile meaning we don't know how old he is, but it's possible he was old enough that he may have had a heart attack from laughing too hard...

Like I said, I'm probably being paranoid, but it's possible... :unsure:

Edit: Scratch that, just reread some old posts, including one of Klublex's implying he's in Middle School. Definitely not old enough to have a heart attack.

In other words, Kasofa, you're overreacting. After all, even Middle School can get tough on people.

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That post made my day.