Anti-Bullet Force Fields

Wave gun sprites in Solid and Enemy...

I have discovered a way to make a bulletproof wall that the payer can fly through. If you take a wave gun sprite, set the Ex1 to 0, make it 'Solid (1)' and change the script to 'not scripted', you have a wall which will deter enemies, stop bullets, and allow you to fly through. If you change the solid type to Enemy (3), it will allow enemies, enemy bullets, painful shrapnel, you, to fly through. I have dubbed these things Wave-Walls. 😄
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Any ideas for future uses?


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Wow, sounds amazing! I wonder if Ed knows about this and whether it existed in previous versions or not.

Yes, this worked in the prior version of Sketchfighter,
I do not know if Eds knows,
and I just recently found out about the Enemy version, but the solid one I have known about for a while (if you look in my 'Adventure' level, you will see a place with them).


Hmm, just recently played the levels "Radioactive City" and "AmazingArch", in which these anti-bullet walls were implemented, too. Although it was not in the form of a simple wave sprite, but a bigger super wave sprite, creating an entire small bullet-proof area. In it the sketchfighter's low-health-animation is activated, although the player is not loosing any health.

I have also found that if you cave a corridor or hall that you want to have enemies in, and you want them to stay on there, you can make two wave walls at both ends of the hall or whatever, effectively trapping them in the area.
I got this idea from Edwards Weapon specific switches.


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