The Fifteen Gates

New level by Klublex

Well, here it is...

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Enjoy! Any comments appreciated.

Watch out for the TripleCore Boss at the end, and don't pick up any health or missiles unless you have lower than 300 health. (you start with 1000)
Good luck,

P.S. My dad gave me the 6 Games Holiday Bundle thing, but don't worry, I'm going to wait until Project Multi-Sketch 2 is done so that I don't gets distracted. 😉

Unfortunately my computer is too slow to let me play against the boss. 😞

Mine too, and it is, by no means, a slow computer...

Ditto for me. One thing to try would be to make the boss a miniboss, as I'm pretty sure displaying the health-bar thingamabob slows things down a lot. 😞

I didn't even make it to the boss, but only because I accidentally grabbed two missile packs which caused me to go down to 300 shields, so I then ran screaming through the rest of the level that I could. I had forgotten that all pickups drop your health down to maximum, but only when you have higher than the norm.
I found this out with negative demon flickers, (Y'know, flickers with -1000 health or less.) so then I had a moving force field, and when I went through it, it would drop my shields back to highest.
I just had a level idea...
Hmmm. I might need to implement my idea in with the hidden military base idea...


Btw: A save point in front of the boss room would be friendly, as the level is kinda huge. 😄

Thanks for all the input, you guys. I changed some things around, the Boss in now a Mini Boss, as Kasofa suggested. It has less health, and there is a save station right in front of it. I prefer the original version which I put on the addons page, but I understand that your computers aren't as fast as mine. Good luck!

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Edit: Happy New Year everyone!

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Kulblex, it was lamkin, not me, who suggested the miniboss idea. you might want to credit him on it. 😉

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