Bosses Clarification

how many can you have, anyway?

It wasn't until quite recently that I discovered that you could have more than one boss in a level, and I thought it would be helpful to know exactly how many and how they work. So I did some experimenting and found out this:

You can have up to 6 bosses in a level. Boss, Boss2, Boss3, Boss4, Boss5, and Boss6. I think this may be partly because there are 6 regular bosses in the Solo Mission. (The Pen has the Boss health bar but not the explosion.)

Boss works normally; doors shut, health bar lowers accordingly, boss explosion occurs. Boss2 through Boss6 will display the boss explosion but the health bar will NOT lower according to their health. If placed in the right order you can have Boss Starts and Boss Door 1's and 2's for all six bosses in a level, but, for example:

Boss2 works, Boss2 Start or Boss2 Door 1 does not. Even if it is a Boss5, Boss5 Start does not work. You may have multiple Boss Starts, though.

I mainly use this feature for having 1 regular Boss, and then if I have other hard-to-beat enemy sprites, I will name them Boss2 or Boss3 etc. just for the impressive explosion.

Also, just to clear it up, Boss7 or Mini Boss2 does NOT work.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

Klublex 🙂

I have seen something where it said you could have lots of bosses, but I can't get the doors to go away.
OOH! (Just had a brain surge, got and idea for a really neat boss fight!)
well, I would like to seen this done in a easy way that isn't to sprite intensive.
mini bosses also have the big boom.


points at signature...

Although I'll need to re-test "Boss7" and "Mini Boss 2", as last time I tested them, they worked, and it seems odd that only Boss7 would be disabled. Also, the reason that Boss1 through Boss6 work is because those names are used for the bosses in the Crazy Zone MP map.

I do approve of how you use the extra bosses, though- it's a royal pain to debug multiple boss doors, if they even still work in 1.1.0.


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