Computer Worries

Conflict With SKF?

It seems that my old computer is failing, and I'll have to get a new one. I'm considering 2 options, and I need to know if either one has hardware conflicts with SKF:

  1. 2.0Ghz iMac with 2GB RAM
  2. 1.83Ghz Mac Mini with 1GB RAM

I'm upgrading from a 500Mhz iMac, so it's a wonder SKF runs at all!



Sketchfighter is Intel Native and has requirements well below either of those, so it should run just fine.

It runs on our (slightly older and slower) Intel Mini, and i'm sure there are other members who run it on those exact systems...

If you're still nervous, perhaps you could find a friend and try SKF out on their (comparable) computer.

Oh, and you'll probably find the change in gameplay quality rather enjoyable, i know it is for me between my 500Mhz iBook G3 and our 1.5ish GHz Mac Mini.

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Thank you, Pi. I was unaware (somehow) of SKF's system requirements, so it's a relief to know that I don't need an overkill computer.



Indeed, I ran SF4k on a 400 MHz G3 Blue and White back before we got rid of it. Either of those computers would blow it away in performance. 🙂

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