Editor Bug

Hope there isn't a topic for this already....

I was using the editor (version 1.0.1) and I noticed a problem: I was trying to put down some dark brown paper backgrounds, and they always come out as black, with their color choice set to black. Every time I have to edit a sprite or something, I always get the color reset to black. Very annoying. Hope someone has a fix for this.

I'm not getting the color abnormally reset to black. Don't forget that when you're switching to placement mode, some of the characteristics (including color) are still the one of the last selected sprite, so if you want another color you will indeed have to switch it manually. My advice is to place all your dark brown paper backgrounds in one go, and if ever you need to add some more afterwards, select one and then go to place mode (you will then have the right sprite and colors selected) or copy an existing one with alt-drag (with this you don't even need to switch to placement mode).

Indeed, alt-drag is the fastest and simplest way to create levels.

Oh, sorry, didn't know about the color reset feature. Thanks anyway, though.

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