What does this look like to you?

Want to make sure it's not just me

Simple question: what does the design in the shot below look like to you? This is one of those symbol association games, in which you say the first thing that comes to mind when you see an image.

I basically want to verify something before I use it in a level, without blowing it by suggesting what that thing is.

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Word that comes to mind when I see that image? "Oops": You forgot to actually post the image in question. 😛


D'oh! I always forget to click the "upload" button after selecting an attachment.

Mildly swastika-ish. Also, a fan.

If only I could view it where's horcrux when you need it

A swastika flower.

Yes yes, horcrux has done his job. He was just asleep.

Anway, I see a skinny spiderish shape, a bit swatzikish but not really enough to be offensive.

I thought of the swastika immediately after seeing it. :unsure:

Swastika, but only because you asked what it looks like. (You don't need to voice your opinions to pollute a poll sample- in some cases, simply implying that there's a reason you want opinions is enough. A more subtle method of getting an answer to your question might have been to show a teaser screenshot containing the symbol, without saying anything at all about it, and watched to see if anyone asked "hey, is that a swastika?".)

Anyway, had I seen it in a level, I would have thought "nice symbol", and kept flying. I might have noticed the similarity to the swastika, but not thought anything of it- after all, there are only so many shapes you can make with a squarish design, and that thing has quite a few significant differences from the classic swastika.


Good point, Edwards. Maybe it's useable, which would be nice, because I think it's pretty. But as soon as I placed the last sprite, I thought, "Oh crap, that looks like a Swastika. Is it just me?"


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