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Ok, my level "Obstacle Course" has been up for a couple days, and you know what that means. It was my first attempt at a SketchMap, so I want to know what's right and wrong with it.

In a way, this release was to test the waters for this concept, since I wasn't sure how it would be received. I'm planning a more interesting and versatile challenge based on the level. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say that your feedback now will help me decide how best to go about it. 🙂


Allow me to say I just love this level. The challenges are interesting and varied, and it's just... huge. It reminds me of the Temple Of The Swivel Chair (the level 11) in Harry the Handsome Executive (which music, by the way, could be used for this level): the background and setup, of course, which are unlike those encountered earlier in the game (this nature-and-rocks environment is about as foreign to a graph paper-bound ship and to a company executive) but also the varied challenges and the fact you don't have any weapon (though that can be remedied...) It's really well done, without any fault (especially remarkable as you didn't get it beta tested here, at least not publically).

I noticed two things though: there is one shadow corner of the Fog part wich is not at its exact place, and in layer 6 to begin with; also, next to this aforementioned "Lavos Spawn" (what is that an allusion to, btw?), there is a white text sprite named "Sprite".

All in all, very good. Some people may find it frustrating, but it is completely intended. Definitely recommended.

(note: Cheleball, repost your last post in Ostacle Course to here; I can't move the posts to this new topic or they would be before the starting posts, which would be confusing to say the least... I didn't want to start a "Feedback at me" thread for you, but I was so impatient to say I liked your level... ;))

Ok. The following is copied from the thread titled "Obstacle Course, best times".


Thanks for the comments!

"Lavos Spawn" is from the SNES RPG "Crono Trigger". I found a crappy picture of one here.

That corner sprite is a tricky bugger. I finally gave up on trying to get it aligned perfectly. The Sprite sprite is just embarrassing! 😮 It must be in the background, since it didn't even show up in the editor, and I neglected to actually visit the place in-game after adding in the Lavos Spawn (the gag occurred to me during final playtesting, at which point I was more concerned with the main pathways than the side diversions).

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Thanks, removed them from Obstacle Course. Now kids, see why you shouldn't post in a hurry.

A really good, challenging, big level. And I have to second ZP, no problems here either. 🙂 You're sure this is just a pared-down version?

As I think I already said in the best times topic - it is an excellent level. Loved it (especially the concentration on flying skills rather than shooting skills). The level feels pretty big, even if it can be done in under 2 mins - and (as I said) I loved the CT joke. Now we just need a quest for Schala. 😉

There are a few walls whose contact boundaries felt to be a little incorrect, but nothing serious. Perhaps it could do without the save point before the gauntlet area for added difficulty - but there again, you can always choose not to use it.

e.g. after coming out of of one of the red-patches in the narrows section. (see first attached) and before getting to the rapids (see second attached)

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In both these pictures, another pixel forwards or so will bump into what just seems like bad boundary mapping to me.

Otherwise (and anyway) I think it is brilliant. Can't wait for the 'next instalment'. I also intend to have a go at making a map when 1.0.1 comes out so people can have a go at me for a change. 🙂 Currently though, I find the editor just too annoying to use 😞 - but equally I have much respect for anyone who can put up with it for so long to make these custom levels! 🙂

@Freq: I had originally planned to make two more sections the size of the current level, each with two main pathways. But then I realized that it would be too frustrating without save points (and having to save just to get through the level seemed contrary to what I was going for with this level).

What I was alluding to in the first part is just a variation on the current scheme, but one that I think should be a lot more fun.

@Crono: Re: the editor: option-drag is your friend. 🙂 The only other features the editor really really needs are grouped-object management (for scaling and rotating parent-child linked sprites together), multiple selection and simultaneous attribute editing on multiple selected objects, and numeric editing of sprite position, rotation, and size. I used to think the lack of auto backgrounding was a big deal, but after actually making a map, I find it quite tolerable; those three, OTOH, would be a dream.

Other niceties I could dream for would be an overview window with a draggable square to navigate about (so you don't have to zoom out to 25%, drag over to where you want to edit, guess at the center of the screen, go to 100%, then pan to where you really wanted to go). An alphabetized script selection menu would be really nice too (while you can type your way to your desired script, alphabetization would make life in general easier). Some way to get at sprites that are entirely covered by those above them is also needed.

But I'd better stop before I turn this into a "Suggestions for Future Versions of the Editor" thread. 🙂

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