Numb fingers from playing Sketchfighter

Whenever I play Sketchfighter for any reasonable length of time, the ends of my fingers and thumb become numb. This only happens with the hand that controls the movement of the craft. The other hand that controls the weapons is fine. I touch type, but don't have a problem with typing, so I can only assume that the number of key presses involved when playing the game is significantly higher than typing. Last night I played Sketchfighter, and now the following morning, my fingers and thumb are still numb and tingly. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this problem. It is the only case I have ever had of any sort of RSI. Also, can you add gamepad support in a future update to avoid this problem?

Many thanks.

Well, gamepad support can be added in, but I got to check in with the list first to see how many own gamepads.

Well Mr Andrews, that sounds like a bug; I'm afraid it has never shown up yet, so I have to ask you: what model of fingers and thumb are you using? Are these those that came with your body, or are they from a third party? And if you swap hands, does the hand that now control the movement gets numb, or is it the one who used to control the movement and now controls the weapon? We can not entirely rule out the possibility of a bug with that hand, so it's better to check. As a workaround, I recommand playing for shorter sessions, putting the problematic hand to rest in the pauses (by powering it down, issuing no command) while the issue is being investigated.

More seriously, gamepad support is being considered, though not for the next update (bugfixes mostly); some people have gotten gamepads to work using third-party solutions which remap gamepad input to keyboard input.

I suspect that using my other hand will only cause frustration (due to lack of control), but I will give it a try. You are right that shorter sessions are the answer. My fingers and thumb still feel slightly numb even now, and I haven't played Sketchfighter since my original post. They are the original set of digits that came with the model, and are not upgradeable. I will, instead find a workaround to solve the issue, which is not very Mac-like, but it's all I can do.

Have you already tried out using the right hand for the arrow keys and the left one for space / alt?

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