Abandoned Factory

Another one!

Yes, another one. This is either inspired by the one out there, or the inspirer of the one out there. Can't remember which. Oh well. Yes, this is a public beta, please download it and tell me what you think.

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I like it. good layout. Are you going to make a sketchfighter academy?

Yeah, i'm thinking about it. Have a few ideas.


  • Nicely designed; I like the look of it.

  • Red glowy boss dots! The first I've seen in a custom level.

  • I loved the size of the final boss area. Very inovative.


  • There's a bit of no-background showing through near the beginning. See attached screen.

  • The boss door 2 of the miniboss doesn't close

  • For some inexplicable reason, the game really chugged the whole time I was in the final boss area. The instant I killed the final boss, everything returned to normal. Very perplexing. (I take it you haven't tried it on your iBook; I'm on a 1ghz G4.)

  • One of the door holder sprites for the miniboss door pulses, the other does not. Is this intentional?

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Very nice little level. I particularly like the final boss's room's layout, and the "introduction" section.
Three comments:

It might be fun if the spinning panels on the miniboss bounced Super Pellets around randomly, rather than absorbing them. To set this up, change their Extra1 to -1.

I also had some bad lag problems in the final boss room. At a guess you have too many trigger sprites- I know that having a dozen or so force fields on-screen at a time does bad things to framerate, and having the level spinning regularly might make things worse.

There are several places where the background sprites are improperly aligned that you should fix. Sorry, I wasn't keeping a list.


Graa! Flood control does weird things. Ignore this post.

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Boss area: Thanks. I had fun with that. I meant to make it a lot bigger, but when i saw the background ending i decided it wasn't worth it.
Miniboss Door: Grr! I fixed that like three times... Oh well. Will fiddle again.
Pulsing door thing: Yes, is intended. Don't ask me why. I have no idea.

Spinning panels: Ooh, yes. Done. VERY DONE.
Slowdown: Might be able to do something about that. Will look around.
Background Sprites: Sigh I really can't wait for 1.0.1... Goes to fix

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Just so you know, I have plans for a mini-boss that's very much like your boss, only with four turrets.

You mean turrets instead of walls? That wouls be cool. Nasty, but cool.


Looks very good, of course it's a bit empty right now but I like the wall work, impressive. A few innovative ideas here and there that make a good ambience. Not much to say that hasn't been said, except it would be better to change the name or at least differenciate it a bit, like "Pi's Abandoned Factory", if only because there can't be two archives with the same name in the add-on files.

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