Is there any chance of getting the font file for the fonts used in SketchFighter? I opened up the game as a folder and found the files in "Fonts," but Font Book doesn't recognize them, even after changing the extension of a copy to ".dfont". So yeah, will people like me who like the font be able to use it on our computers?


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Lars created the font himself. That is a good question to ask.

Are you suggesting that i contact him personally, or that i wait here and see what happens?

Contact him personally, if you want. You don't have to ask. Just take actions as long as it is respectable to the public.

I think a PM won't hurt him. 😉

Nah, the SketchFighter "fonts" cannot be used (as is, at least) as a computer font; the LMFonts files are merely a list of descriptions (positions and size) of each character, themselves found in tiff files nearby, not at all font files.

Well, is there a way to make said .tif files into a .dfont file?

ICG Litterbox is close.

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