Pitiful newbie question

I can't even kill the FIRST boss...

OK, I downloaded the demo version of the game, and while I love the hand-drawn look, I apparently suck at the game. Because I can't even kill the very first boss, the big dragonfly-ish thing. 😞

I've tried various approaches -- staying near the entrance, coming all the way into the room, following it around from behind, etc., etc. -- and nothing seems to prolong my life in there by more than a few seconds. Between the little flies coming at me and the big one's wing strokes, no matter how hard and fast I try to shoot at it, I don't get anywhere NEAR killing it before I explode. As in, I don't think I have yet, on any of my many attempts, gotten the red bar to go down even a quarter.

Is there some sort of secret or strategy to this that I just haven't found yet, or should I just give up and admit I'm hopeless at this?

I never was a big-time arcade gamer...

I think what I would recommend for you at this point is flying practice. Play through the first cave area until you can maneuver through it, killing all the enemies, without getting severely damaged. Once you can do that, start practicing avoid the boss. Don't bother trying to damage it, just concentrate on staying out of its way and getting rid of the little flying things that it lets out.
I just ran through that battle again myself, and what I do is fire at the boss when it is holding still, back away and fire at the fliers when it lets them out, run out of the way in the unlikely event that the boss charges me, otherwise fire at it some more, and repeat. Basically, what you need to do is learn how to take out four moving targets before they hit you, which is just something that takes practice.


the thing likes to stop alot, just stay in a spot (preferrably with it out of sight mostly) , shoot its tail or head and if your in place, shooting the other stuff should be easy, when it charges at u, just move to another spot.

Thanks, I'll try those tips...

Tough? Wut are you talkin' about??? Just don't stay on the corners (or he'll smack you with his wings) Stay behind him, always. Don't stay at the door.

some people aren't as good as you at SF4KA 😉

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@indigo, on Dec 13 2006, 06:06 PM, said in Pitiful newbie question:

some people aren't as good as you at SF4KA 😉

Huh? I dunno why people call me "good".. 😛

I am also a newbie, and not a very practiced gamer, so I was flummoxed by the first boss for the first few times.

Then I realized (cue off-key tuba music indicating stupid person) ... that I could hold down the space bar instead of frantically tapping it.

With the flood of ammo that issues with the spacebar held down, I had little trouble with the boss. (And the rest of the game has gotten easier too.)

@firefalcon, on Dec 15 2006, 04:50 PM, said in Pitiful newbie question:

Huh? I dunno why people call me "good".. 😛

somepoeple arn't as good as you even though you don't call yourself good. 😉

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