Another interesting glitch

I've been toying around with the amoeba breeding trick described in this thread. I have discovered that if you use this trick near the blue door (don't open the blue door) near the entrance to the volcano from the factory, you can in fact propel yourself off the map.

To do this, go to the location I described. There will be two amoebas on the side of the door that you are on, kill them. There will also be two amoebas on the side of the blue door that you are not on, allow them to become one large amoeba. Continue on as usual for this glitch.

As soon as the game starts glitching (extreme framerate drop) back up and turn slightly to one side. (the turn is so you don't get killed by the massive amounts of amoebas and their fire that will pour through the still shut blue door) If you get really lucky you will pass through the wall on the opposite side of the map alive.

Here are some pictures I took while journeying beyond the confines of the volcano.

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This appears to be another side-effect of the way the game's collision-detection fails when the framerate stops being constant. If you can get the game to drop several frames while you're firing, you can shoot through walls (which may or may not be related to my previous shoot-through-walls bug), so it seems reasonable that if the game drops frames while you're moving, you yourself can pass through walls. I think that this happened to me once in a multiplayer game, where I somehow ended up on the far side of two walls from my opponent after a brief framerate glitch.


It would seem as if that's the case. Very interesting things happen when you push games to their limits.

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