Is Multiwinia Dead?

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Pop-pop anyone?

(actually pop-pop has more people playing online last time I checked).

Can we stay on topic please? This isn't the BnB. Though by making this post I'm kinda proving Multiwinia isn't dead yet. And I have managed to play some online games recently. Five or so with some unknown (decent player, too, not some n00b) and one with darwinian himself! Don't worry, I won't tell them how badly I beat you... oops. 😛 In all seriousness, though, it was a pretty close game and darwinian's MacBook Air can't take the heat of playing Multiwinia for long (or so he says). Add in the massive Magical Forrest that showed up causing lag, and he was pretty much immobile.

Oh, and Hamster, go suck a pellet. 😛

I got my butt handed to me by someone yesterday... Usually play under the name Magnus.

Seriously though, it was like General Patton in stickman form... ugh. Time to go back and play against easy AI. heh.

@darthkev, on Aug 2 2010, 02:14 PM, said in Is Multiwinia Dead?:

Oh, and Hamster, go suck a pellet. 😛

Its not his fault that pop-pop is more fun than multiwinia.

Sorry for the MASSIVE GRAVEDIG, this seemed like a decent thread already. Is anyone interested in playing a few games? I'm around usually on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons, send me a pm or email and I'll see what we can work out.


Where were you when I was talking about how unbalanced this game is?

I hate the ants SO MUCH AAUGH.