Multiwinia crashes when joining multiplayer games

Both before and during

So recently, I've been having issues where certain multiplayer servers cause my Multiwinia client to crash after it's done handshaking with the server. Other people can join the servers, usually without a fuss, but for me the game will crash to the desktop after it's done handshaking and give me no error message as to why it happened. The frustrating part is it's 100% reproducible (as long as I've found a server that causes it; it always happens to one specific server) and nobody else seems to be having the same issue.

The most recent problem had to deal with the client crashing in the middle of a game. The reason is inexplicable, but I did get a crash log, readable here.

Before this happened, I experienced a sync error twice in the same game. The fault occurred with two separate players each time, and they both quit when it happened both times, allowing us to finish the game. It was the Holy Tree map on on one of NeoThermic's dedicated CoTH servers.

So, is it the game, or am I cursed?

Hey JacaByte,
Thanks for the logs. I do have another user with similar problems...also only happening with the dedicated servers. I'll add your info to the database. As this time we're not sure what's going on as we can't replicate it yet and the developers have been swamped.