Darwinia and Uplink

I play the shareware of Darwinia and Uplink, in the Darwinia you can see out of Darwinia and I was think Darwinia and Uplink are in the same world/Universe is that true?

There has been some speculation about this, but nothing has ever been confirmed or denied by Introversion (the developers) so it's still anyone's guess.

There are certainly many things to be said for this theory. And if you think about Defcon, and a certain server in Uplink....

Well anyway, when I think about the company, I see them as pretty much making games based on some of the hacker movies from the 80s and early 90s. Darwinia is like Tron, Defcon is like Wargames, Uplink is a sort of mix between a lot of them.

I think this interview is good for further reading on the subject, as it deals with some similar questions.

Part 1: http://pcgamer.com/a...6_-_dialog.html
Part 2: http://pcgamer.com/a...6_-_dialog.html
Part 3: http://pcgamer.com/a...6_-_dialog.html


CHRIS DELAY: DEFCON’s main source of inspiration was the 1983 cult film War Games. It was a film that I had always loved as a child and references to it can be found in both Uplink (in the hacking elements), and more generally with DEFCON. I was watching it again about a year ago and I realized that there was a really cool game idea just waiting to be tried out that nobody to my knowledge had previously attempted. A lot of games that simulate global warfare tend to be, in my opinion, too heavily strategic (e.g., turn-based and stat heavy). I wanted something that looked like the movie, with vector-lined soviet subs closing in on your coastline. More than anything, though, I wanted to recapture the absolute paranoia and tension that surrounded that Cold War era—it was incredibly intense.

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