How long does registration typically take?

I sent in my Darwinia registration almost 24 hours ago, but haven't gotten a code yet. I don't recall it ever taking that long when I registered Nova or DR.

How long does it typically take?

Thirty seconds to two minutes.

Well, something's probably wrong in that case....

I'm not showing a credit card charge for the registration, so maybe I entered my email incorrectly.

If I register again, and the first one still goes through somehow, Ambrosia will refund the extra charge, right?

The registration did finally go through, took about 30 hours, for anyone else who happens to be wondering.

I expect the servers must've just been very busy or something. In the future, if it takes that long, you should probably contact someone at ASW. Certainly do so before re-ordering. Refunding orders from credit cards is not as easy to do as you'd think.