The best way to learn Hera

I'm a newbie to Hera, and I find learning it quite a challenge. Has anyone written a walkthrough, like a step-by-step guide to creating your own level?


Well, if you open all of the folders in the Hera folder, you'll find a tutorial thing, but I never figured out how to use that, so I just fiddled around with stuff and saw how things are done in Ares, and I now know Hera pretty well.

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Trial and error seems to be the best route. The thing might be a tad messy, but you'll figure out what all the tags mean after a while.

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Do what I (Hera master) did: experiment

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Read through the manual five times or so. After that, you either go insane or understand Hera. I'm not sure what the odds are, though. I might have just been lucky.

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I'd say a combination of Slug's and Pallas's approches was the one that helped me. I read the manual a few times, and did the tutorials (although I never checked if I did them right), then did experamentation on my own.

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where do you get Hera anyway?

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Originally posted by cabe:
**where do you get Hera anyway?


The address is in my sig.

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