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Those of us who were in the old RPG probably still feel that it ended quite unfinished and sorely lacking. Due to hideuos inconsistancies, I decided that the web board format was doing the plot no justice and it was getting too many people pissed at eachother.

Well, if you want closure and/or you'd like to see it come back in a drastically improved form, I will be releasing a series of chronicles. Yes, there will be some rules, yes there will be some plot tweaks here and there, and no, not everyone will be pleased by them. But such it is with a writers group.

This could certainly be interesting. I've done writers workshops before, but not online and not on a specific project. Those of you who decide to get involved could find this beneficial-you get to exercise your writing skills and creativity, and you could easily use your stories for a school writing project. Who knows? If all turns out well we could get it all published (but don't hold your breath on that).

Anyway, if anyone is interested say so here. And you don't need to have been active in the old RPG to be part of this. All you need is motivation and writing skills.

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I'm game, I was starting to miss the old universe.

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I'll do it, but I don't know how much time I'll have with making my plug and all.

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Need you ask?

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I guess I could do some.

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i will post on why it will have a hard time getting published, but i dont feel like writing today. Maybe ill bring my logic into this topic tomorrow. For now ill help if you need it, but i dont care either way.

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I wouldn't mind incorporating myself in this group either. I wasn't in the 'old RPG' by the way, but I feel that I can write up to the standard of an unsuccessful author.

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