Newest Plug Report

The newest plugin by Martin Mac Devitt is Audemedon Crisis.
This is a hard plug.

It took me an HOUR to get past the first level. Incredibly hard, though I was regularly having too many ships. The high-defensivly oriented home-base helped out immensly, though the EXTREME distances between targets was difficult. It made moving reinforcements around a bit hairy. A couple of times, the cavalry arrived too late to do more than obliterate the aud attackers. All in all though, it has a great deal of promise, and provides a HUGE challenge to those looking for it.

Rated: 88

Any other reviews?

Ne Cede Malis Sed Contra Audientor Ito

Nice to see that someone likes my plug! It had been lying around on my Hard Disk for a month or so. I'm interested in feedback on how to fix the bugs, though I suspect a rewrite from the ground up is necessary. I know it runs you out of ship builds, but hey, its a tough universe out there, and this is only the very outermost tip of the external edge of the less fashionable end of the Aud empires...

Oh, so it is another bug hunt then...

what plug.....


(hint for Pyro: read the first post)

I like the new systems. They're very interesting. The briefings are a little long and the storyline is a little too scattered, though.

About the difficulty (I'm a tough one to please on this part), I think it's almost hard enough, although I only lost one of the missions once... :rolleyes:

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missions are to large (well the maps are)