Hera: Where do I get it?

Where can I download hera?

Three sir!
Right, three!

It's a secret. Only people that are cool and smart (like me) can figure out where it is and download it. I'll give you a hint:

Read through some of the more recent topics in the Briefing Room...

"I can ail what cures you."

Im with Mag hera isn't a toy

Ťcoming soon Ares Webboard for Hot lineť
(if this Sarilian Carriers a-rocken dont come a-knoking)
(1-2-3-the devels after me-4-5-6-hes always throwing sticks-7-8-9-he misses every time)
(Devels Shack)
E |/| I || E |/

Yes, well...

I suppose I've kept you in the dark for a long enough time, or you are particualrly brilliant and have figured it out.

To get Hera, set you thing to "Show Topics From the Last Year." Scroll down some. You'll see a thing called:

"Ares 1.2.0 & Hera semi-public beta"

Go into that topic, and read the first post. That says it all.

I'm deleting this in a few days to stop the general public from figuring this out.

(Eminem, look at the date he started this topic. That's why I'm doing this.)

"I can ail what cures you."

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